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Hello and Welcome

This is a reference site for Property Specific information for our rental Clients .

Our objective is to keep your rented home , easy to use , well maintained , and to identify and fix problems as soon as we become aware

1. Your Specific Property

Click on the menu icon (TOP LEFT)

Then select your property number , which will open drop down sub-menu topics: Each property has 3-4 sections

User Guides : Inside/ Outside

This contains booklets & instructions for appliances in your home

Certificates: Contains current safety certificates (gas,electric etc)

Technical:Maintenance documentation for our tradesmen

2. General Information for all properties

Info-Utilities: Contains contact numbers & web links for your all local Utility Providers

Info - Other relevant information sections for all properties

3. Contact & Communication :

You can feedback any issues you think need maintaining , or a wish list of non-urgent items you would like to see done ( e.g. painting , garden topics etc)

As usual can you continue to keep us up to speed with any issues as they occur , "A stitch in time saves nine"

Feel free to contact us using the existing contact details by e-mail and by our phone numbers.

Thank You

Alan Laidlaw :

Email: or

Fax: 01962 418117

UK : Phone : 07835 572 350